Thursday, July 5, 2018

Idiocracy In Sheffield

NOT Herbert Camacho.  (I repeat: picture NOT a still from a movie)

Pockets of Britain already essentially possess Third World status, at least to anyone who isn't afraid to call a spade a spade and has a European understanding of the term 'quality of life'.  Sheffield, a Yorkshire city once famous for being a world-leader in the production of steel products, particularly cutlery, and now an exceptionally ugly city as a result of city planners and architects unkind to the white man's condition, is now thoroughly kebabbed onto the spear-tip of the Left's programme of destruction for significant British cities.  Though the racial demographics are not so alarming as other British cities (possibly due to the 'extended-village' nature of the city, surrounded on all sides by hills) such as London (forget it), it seems there is much madness in the former City of Steel.

Like a huge number of British regions, the area suffered large-scale unemployment as a result of Britain decimating it's own prestige by way of allowing the USA to usurp it's own markets (amongst other things) after the disastrous Second World War, and so, as has happened often with these regions in Britain, the electorate, in vain, drifted to the Left in the hugely mistaken hope that the party 'of workers' would magically be able to return their jobs to them.  This extended episode of Left rule has allowed the Left to entrench itself in the region, and that still remains with us today, just as has happened in the Scottish northern part of Britain. 

"You Gots To Be Shittin' Me!"

And so, the ground was prepared for Left-wing madness in Sheffield.  Magid-Magid, a Somalian who was not even born in Britain, he has been taking his newly elected position of Lord Mayor very seriously.  Sheffield City Council are 'happy' to admit that this Somalian simpleton has no effective power as the position of Mayor in Sheffield is merely ceremonial, but what they do not speak of is the symbolic significance of allowing such a primitive to hold the office of Mayor of the City of Sheffield.  As if the demoralisation of the TRUE British people was not low enough, the limp-wristed and spineless whites of the City Council and the quasi-Communists of the so-called Green Party thought it was a 'progressive' idea for this to happen, and no doubt the Labour party (now an outwardly neo-Marxist movement) had greased the wheels, something that A) would have been easy considering all of Sheffield's six MP's are Labour, and B) fits in nicely with Labour's nation-wrecking 'rainbow-society' delusion. 

Sheffield is what is known in Britain as a 'City of Sanctuary', which loosely has the same meaning as 'Sanctuary City' in the USA.  City of Sanctuary is an umbrella quango that seeks to undermine the integrity of the British people by actively pushing the integration and assimilation of members of foreign race among our communities.  When that Kurdish boy was drowned as a direct result of his father's negligence, and that very situation was cynically pounced upon, exploited and manipulated by the media as a weapon to (further) guilt-trip whites, it was the offices of City of Sanctuary that were henceforth flooded with applications by unthinking goyim.

From Whence Did The Stink First Emanate?

Poetically, City of Sanctuary began in Sheffield ("of coursh!") in 2005.  Since then, CoS has grown tentacles to allow it to extend it's reach into other British cities, towns, and even villages are not immune from this bacteria, and from this alarming list, we can see just how deeply those tentacles have penetrated Britain.

And What Does It Smell Like?

They describe themselves categorically as a 'broad social movement', which of course implies an ideological basis, but frankly they should have described themselves as a 'racial movement' too, since it is exactly the racial exclusiveness of Britons (in relation to other non-European nations) that they fundamentally wish to eradicate.  As if the concept of 'city of sanctuary' isn't enough of an abomination, these destructive reprobates wish to turn the whole of Wales into a "Nation of sanctuary"!  The madness accrues. 

It's quite clear that CoS sees itself as a premier 'movement' for the complete contamination of what was once a racially homogenous nation.  Needless to say it's a conglomeration of Boomers, foreigners, feminists, cat-women, Marxists, the stupid-but-determined and the plain mentally ill.

Right: Jonathan (((Ellis))) CoS, London branch.  Every.  Single.  Time.

The Founders and leadership of City of Sanctuary ought to be considered as prominent enemies of the British people, every bit as devious and as destructive as the media, parliamentary democracy and the numerous business and finance organisation that all have a stake in a multi-racial, bursting-at-the-seams Britain.  There is a very visible and very legible trail of destruction behind their machinations of the past 13 years.  The best we can hope for is that at some point in time, somehow, their funding dries up and they (and their various branches) can no longer fund their activities. 

Make Sheffield Great (for an) African ... by banning Trump 'n' shit.

Anyway, while doing a little scouring and trawling across the internet, I actually managed to find a transcript of 'Magical Magid's inaugural address following his election as Sheffield mayor:

"Oh shit man, I can't like, believe this has actchooally 'appened!  Ooooed a thowt it?  But listen, I won't be takin' any shit, yeah?  I know, like, people are like un'appy an stuff - especially owl my bruvvas, SOLIDARITY WIV YOU NIGGAS FROM DA MUTHALAND! But, I like, think it's impowtant that we keep the trees an the flowers and owl that an don't let any like, carbon emisstions get out, cause that's like bad I fink.  And I eard there's still uh resheshun or summit?  Like, not enuff muny and jobs?  Wot else?  I wanna fank Citee uh Sanctuary fo givin a guy like me from dusty Somaleeah the chance to be a FUCKIN MAYAHHHH, YEAHHHH!!!!  Uh I mean, uh, i'm like grateful and shit.  Oh, yeah, that fuckin; NAZI, that fuckin' WHITE SUPREMYISIST OPPRESSOR DONALD TRUMP, he ain't gonna be allowed in moy cittee.  Fanks man. Peace out.  Hey, any gurls at there wanna get wid a mayya?"

"Sheffield, Fuck, Yeah!"
A joke of course.  But the reality is, this man who carries Third World savagery and barbarism in his genes is highly likely to be given some kind of power in the running of parts of the country in the future, just like Khan in London and that other Arab running (or ruining) the transport system in the Scottish region (there are increasingly more).  As the distance between the white man and the black & brown races becomes wider, without that white 'tutelage', the black and brown WILL resort to their genetically programmed behavioural traits. 

London is no longer Britain.  No more kidding ourselves.
It's Hamza Yousuf of the clan MacGoatfucker with the
SNP's '79 Club veteran champagne-Marxist Alex Salmond.

What's at the bottom of the abyss? 
We in Britain will one day, in the not-too-distant future, 
find that out.

Monday, June 25, 2018



This is certain: The West is entirely feminized.  But I wish first to make a distinction.  The West isn't by it's (innate) nature 'effeminate' (whereas the nation of Judaea is).  Over the course of the past two, three and four centuries (depending on which part of 'The West' is being mentioned) a process of intricate and penetrating Feminization has been underway. 

Medusa's 'Monthly'

Of course, the 'femininity' that we are acquainted with today is a very perverted femininity that bears no relation to the archetypes of femininity that are true to our originally standardized racio-cultural identity.  As women have supplanted men, their 'femininity' has mutated into something like a Frankenstein's Monster of femininity.  We are not talking about Penelope or the Lady of The Lake here.

Sulphuric Acid

In the 21st century, in it's most advanced state, we can see that this Feminization bleeds into everything around us.  Even when no women are physically present the disease of Feminization is present and makes it's presence felt (if not 'known').  Naturally, in previous centuries - or, eras - this process of what was then a creeping feminization wasn't so plain to see.  However, the mechanisms that slowly saturated the West with mass Feminization were in themselves clear to see, and their devastation is proven by the dominance of Feminized society today.


The two fundamental mechanisms that brought the Feminization virus were Dysgenics and Dysthenics (these will be elaborated upon in a future post) and they were set in motion by the growth of the National Debt and - concomitantly - Industrialism (in it's various guises) which both also brought about a destruction of religiosity and genuine spirituality in the West.  Throughout most of the West this all begins in the 17th century, a truly awful time for Europe and for Europeans, a time that wrought the very changes that resulted in the world we have today - it's conclusion.
That one of these changes was the destruction of Europe's genuine aristocracy and the replacement of them with parliamentary democratic plutocracies is without doubt one of the most prominent strides 'forward' in the disease of Feminization.  It will be noted by some that the aristocracies of many nations had already degenerated themselves through marriage to foreigners, but I would add that this is of course the key as why these aristocracies were eventually replaced: their strength had been depleted through their own ethnic debasement. [note: read either of Anthony M. Ludovici's 'In Defence of Aristocracy', 'The Quest of Human Quality', or 'The Importance of Racial Integrity']
Further down the line, Feminization weakens the 'whole' through castrating the protective masculine urges and replacing them with artificial domesticating habits. 

Drawbridge Down!

I can provide one such prominent example.  Avoidance of conflict is an absolutely dominant feature of femininity (or at least the Modernist irrational perverted form of femininity), but this is of course not the way of the man, who understands nature's unwavering need of occasional violence to initiate change in the unavoidable power-plays that occur throughout the lifespan of a society (whether it is a society comprised of a tribe or tribes of humans, or a society of chimpanzees).  When this 'needs must' spirit of the true man is replaced and consumed by the female avoidance-of-conflict worldview, the entire society/civilization has effectively castrated - and indeed, sterilized - itself.  The way that the 'authorities' (including the police, judicial, media, national government and local government) dealt with (or rather, dragged their feet and in many cases refused to deal with) the mass-rape of vulnerable white girls by Arabs and other non-whites up and down the land of Britain (it is no doubt STILL going on without the general public's awareness of it) is another very harmful and dangerous result of this feminine avoidance-of-conflict approach taking root in our civilization.  We've also heard it from the mouths of other European politicians who would rather tolerate the occasion terrorist attack on European soil than admit that the terrorist attacks are caused by the importation of non-white races into European lands, for the obvious reason that the first avoids the possibility of conflict whereas the second admits that a definite degree of conflict would be necessary to solve the problem.

"I'd Love To, But ... "

Indirectness, or - to use Simon Sheppard's word, 'tergiversation', is another strong trait of the Feminized civilization.  This is especially prominent in British government and in every area of the public sector where women and effeminate & Feminized men make up a huge proportion of the personnel.  This Indirectness trait is without doubt tied up with the female emotion-dominant mentality, where the decision-making process is having to be squeezed through a brain that runs on the fuel of emotion (& especially drama).  The end result is, yes, you have guessed it - needless discussions, needless committees, needless debates, needless reaffirmation after reaffirmation, needless screening after screening and at worst a completely obfuscated process of arriving at decisions.
More apparent in the post-war world, but nevertheless present in the 'industrial age', Feminization is a perfect condition for mass-consumerism.  It reduces society to a bovine & porcine level.  The feminine need to hoard resources (to alleviate the sub-conscious fear of a resource-famine, which would [with regard to evolutionary-psychology] result in dangerous conditions for the rearing of children) is translated in our modern consumerist age as a weakness that is easily exploited by mass-marketing and profiteers, who view the mass of people as a farmer views his livestock, but with a LOT less concern for their physical welfare.

Big Mother

Looking at the big picture, it certainly does appear that this disease of Feminization will be difficult to reverse in it's current mass state.  It is apparent in every realm of our civilization, from methods of governance to the way our libraries are 'run', from financial mismanagement and corruption to environmental damage and the inability to understand the value of tangible things. 
There is of course a lot more to this Feminization than what I have briefly covered in this post.  In a future article I will talk about the white man's role in the cause of the Feminization of the West, along with the exploitation of women by the frankly evil designs of 'the Left'.
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

And So It Begins


Dear GCHQ / MI5 / Home Office,

Welcome to The Hatecrime Hotline. 
Let us have this one blog.  Just this one.  The Hatecrime Hotline is just a virtual soapbox in a virtual forum, where both speaker and listeners are all virtual too.  No violence shall be advocated or endorsed.  The author neither assumes nor accepts any responsibility whatsoever for the actions or otherwise of ANY of his readers and/or commenters, no matter what 'influence' any readers/commenters may or may not ascribe to this blog as a result of any actions (or otherwise) by readers/commenters.
'The Hatecrime Hotline does not and never will encourage any readers or commenters to commit acts of violence against: 
  • Members of Parliament
  • Any of the staff of large businesses
  • Any of the staff of Marketing organisations
  • Any of the staff or activists of political parties
  • Councillors
  • Any council/local authority employees
  • Any of the staff of the 'mainstream media'
  • Members of the general public
  • Military personnel
  • or any other living individual(s).
If The Hatecrime Hotline ever provides links to a website that does (either directly or indirectly) ascribe to actions of violent intent, this has not to be considered as or equal to an endorsement of said possible violent intent by the author of The Hatecrime Hotline.  The attitudes and/or intentions of the commenters at The Hatecrime Hotline are not in any way considered to also be the attitudes or intentions of the author.  The attitudes and/or intentions of the commenters at The Hatecrime Hotline are the attitudes and/or intentions of the commenters only.
The Hatecrime Hotline ascribes to the noble sentiment that all conversation (outside of the advocating of physical violence) leads to healthy conversation since a natural process of filtration will allow the most relevant and important topics and opinions to float to the top while the irrelevant and generally unfavourable topics and opinions will sink to the bottom of the wider 'conversation'.  In this way, what ought to be discussed gets discussed, and what is not considered as worth discussing is disposed of though a general consensus.
And now to the people who matter...

Dear Reader,

At the time I am writing this, you will see clearly that this blog is a work under construction.  I am certainly a novice when it comes to the amateur construction of internet platforms, even simple ones like this.  I have no idea what HTML is (or what it's an abbreviation for) or how to input graphics.  I'm going to have to learn as I create and publish. 
Today is the day of 2018's Summer Solstice.  An appropriate day for the establishment of a medium of commentary and discussion that deals with subjects too frequently deemed a 'hatecrime' to even discuss in public places in Britain, at this very time.  Such is the trajectory that our Islands have been driven, that police resources are forcibly prioritized in criminalizing the opinions of generally decent citizens under the label of the mythical 'hatecrime' instead of chasing the ACTUAL criminals who are causing irreparable damage to many innocent people, too often children and other vulnerable souls. 
All of us actual Britons know it, no matter how 'extreme' or conservative our political views or our world-view: Britain has a terminal disease and the body of the nation, in all it's forms, is rotten to the marrow, decaying to the point that pieces are falling away like a crumbling cliff pounded by the tide day after day. 
The worst part is - the part that gives all of us with a conscience some sleepless nights and a hefty dose of anxiety - is that there appears to be NOTHING that can be done about it; as if the ship's course towards the rocks - in darkness and stormy seas - is set like cast iron. 
However, an alleviation of the discontent caused by this seeming  impossibility of overcoming the current decay and disorder (if you live in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Newcastle, Leicester, or one of many other British cities, 'CHAOS' may be a more accurate term) does not seem within reach when we take a longer view, and consider the future generations of (true) Britons who will inherit this situation. 
Much of the damage of today was began by the brainwashing of the 'Boomer' generation through TV and alarmingly Marxist university lecturers during the 50s, 60s and 70s.  This generation is beginning it's collective retirement from the levers of power (be that in the family home, or as heads of government & public authority departments, or in corporate management). 
The younger generations have been (and are being) subject to different kinds of institutional propaganda (yes - that word IS entirely appropriate!), but the ineffectiveness of the modern generations is not necessarily that they have been soaked in dehumanising quasi-Marxist anti-white nonsense as were the Boomers, but more that they have inherited a way of life that has been the result of the propaganda the Boomers were subject to.  It's clear to see, all around (the West) that the principles of Authority, Discipline and Order are sorely missing in our decayed 21st century Western societies (from Seattle to Stockholm, from Los Angeles to Vienna). 
These are the principles that cause young people to become responsible, empathetic, constructive and fully functional members of a healthy society.  These three principles stem from such things as an honest and fully patriarchal government (with all that flows from this), a healthy nuclear family (with a strong father at the head and an obedient and caring mother-figure alongside him) and a collective understanding that what is done in this life has meaning, and that remembering the lives and achievements of those who came before us - our descendants - is imperative to a healthy society. 
I digress.  One thing is for absolute certain, no matter a person's opinion (if they have one!): Britain, the rest of Europe and our former colonies, are passing through a period of transition. It is becoming exceedingly difficult for traditionally orientated white men and women to exist without excessive mental strain.  One way of alleviating this strain, is to develop an understanding of why the strain is there.  From here, we can learn to try to make room for our 'differentiated' selves in this mob-rule final stage of our (formerly) white civilization. 
The purpose of this blog is to provide some of that understanding. 
Comments are encouraged.